Jones golf bags review

Jones Golf Bags: Everything You Need to Know

People play golf for several reasons. Anyone who plays golf knows it’s a spectacular sport, a great cardiovascular exercise that offers many physical and mental health benefits. People play golf because it teaches them to become disciplined, mentally and emotionally. Other than this, it’s a sport that allows you to compete with others without having to make any tackles.

Whether you’re new or old to the sport, you must know that playing golf requires you to have your own set of clubs, towels, spare balls, pen, tees, and a notepad. However, to carry all of this to the golf course, you need a golf bag.

If you’re wondering about buying a new golf bag, continue reading as we have brought some amazing Jones golf bags. These golf bags come with a whole new level of style and comfort.

Jones Golf Bags

When it comes to traditional gold bags, Jones Sports needs no introduction. The company has designed crafted millions of stylish single strap carry bags for golfers since its inception in 1971. They have simplified the design, ridding it of unnecessary clutter. Jones bags are easy to carry and have a vintage flair to them.

Here we will mention a few products to give you an idea of what these bags offer and why you should definitely consider buying one.

Jones Lancer

This golf bag simply adds an extra stylish look to your attire. It has a gray leather look that comes along with a single strap. The design of this bag is unique and sleek, which makes it very attractive for the golfers. The material of the bag prevents you from having to work hard to clean the bag when needed. In short, it’s a simple bag with a great look.

Jones Bomber

If you’re familiar with the original Jones carry bag, you might notice this one is a black leather-look version of it. It adds a unique style to your game, and you can carry all your essentials with comfort and look good doing it. Other than this, it’s easy to wash the bag, and it won’t soak up morning dew whenever you play an early game of golf. It is 35” long and has three pockets; besides, it weighs 3.4lbs.

Jones Nighthawk

This is a bag with a Navy, leather look. It includes the traditional features of the original Jones carry bags, such as the single strap and unstructured body. This bag takes your golfing to a whole different level of style and comfort. No points for guessing; it is available in Navy color.

Utility Rover

The name suggests what you can expect from this bag. The design of this bag combines the simple look of the player series and innovative features of the utility series. This bag offers comfort while trekking the golf course. The bag consists of six pockets and an expandable zipper pouch.

If you’re looking for a bag that allows you to carry all the essentials to play golf and the essentials you prefer to carry with you, the utility rover is the right choice. It also has an insulated quick draw pocket for cold beverages. The utility rover offers comfort and style; it comes in different colors and weighs 3.2lbs.

Player Series

This series offers a simple yet elegant look. This bag comes with three pockets and an increased mesh sleeve for easy carrying of water bottles and other essentials you need during a game. It’s a durable and reliable golf bag that will surely last a long time. The bag only weighs 3lbs, so there isn’t any extra weight to carry when it’s full. If you’re someone who loves trekking the golf course, this bag will be a great companion.

Original Jones

This bag represents the beginning of the most iconic bags in golf. Since 1971, Jones has produced golf bags to deliver the comfort and style every golfer needed and wanted. This golf bag is durable in all weather conditions. It has a great style and will allow you to enjoy your walks more comfortably. It weighs 3.15lbs, and has all the iconic features of traditional golf backs, i.e., the retro single strap and the unstructured body.


We have mentioned only a few golf bags that Jones Sports manufactures and produces. You can purchase these bags from their official website and other sources as well. Jones brings you a variety of options that will surely fulfill your needs. Moreover, Jones’ golf bags are durable and reliable and have kept customers happy for years. So, if you’re looking for a bag that ups your game and style, Jones golf bags are for you.

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